Thursday, 14 June 2018 16:30 - 18:30
Multi-Physics Simulations with the Coupling Library preCICE I

Minisymposium organized by Benjamin Uekermann and Miriam Mehl
Room: Orkney CPH
Chair: Benjamin
CoChair: Uekermann

An introduction to the coupling library preCICE
Benjamin Uekermann, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Gerasimos Chourdakis, Florian Lindner, Miriam Mehl, Alexander Rusch, Benjamin Rüth and Amin Totounferoush

Numerical modelling of heart valves using open-source software with preCICE
Kyle Davis, Jacobus H. Muller, Christiaan J. Meyer and Francis E. Smit

Can my OpenFOAM solver easily be coupled with preCICE?
Gerasimos Chourdakis, Benjamin Uekermann and Hans-Joachim Bungartz

Multifield coupling of a fluid-structure-acoustics interaction problem in low-Mach number turbulent flow
Thorsten Reimann, Neda Ebrahimi Pour, Benjamin Uekermann and Dörte C. Sternel

Error investigation in coupled simulations using discontinuous galerkin method for discretisation
Neda Ebrahimi Pour and Sabine P. Roller

Fluid Structure Interaction Problems with CIRA Structured CFD solver
Davide Cinquegrana and Pier L. Vitagliano

Time stepping algorithms for partitioned multi-scale multi-physics in preCICE
Benjamin Rüth, Benjamin Uekermann, Miriam Mehl and Hans-Joachim Bungartz