Thursday, 14 June 2018 11:00 - 13:00
Coupled problems in optimization, control, and uncertainty quantification I

Minisymposium organized by Hermann G. Matthies, Roger Ohayon and Kwan-Chun Park
Room: Orkney CPH
Chair: Hermann Matthies

Aerodynamic optimization using FSI coupled adjoints in SU2 (Keynote Lecture)
Charanya Venkatesan-Crome, Ruben Sanchez and Rafael Palacios

Geometrically nonlinear effects on a fluid-structure computational model with sloshing and capillarity
Quentin Akkaoui, Evangéline Capiez-Lernout, Chrstian Soize and Roger Ohayon

Partitioned simulation of the fluid-structure-interaction of flexible marine propellers in unsteady flow conditions
Tobias Lampe, Lars Radtke, Alexander Düster and Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud

Efficient clustering based training set generation for systems of solvers
Francois Sanson, Anne W. Eggels, Daan T. Crommelin, Olivier Le Maitre and Pietro M. Congedo

Fe models for the evaluation of hydrodynamic pressure on concrete gravity dams during earthquakes
Anna De Falco, Matteo Mori and Giacomo Sevieri

Uncertainty quantification of synthetic jet generator using multi-fidelity electro-mechanical coupled models
Vinh-Tan Nguyen and Jason Leong