Friday, 15 June 2018 11:00 - 13:00
Benchmarking hydraulic fracturing: theory and numerical simulation I

Minisymposium organized by Lorenzo Benedetti, Brice Lecampion, Panos Papanastasiou and Gennady Mishuris
Room: Carron 2
Chair: Lorenzo Benedetti

Penny-shaped hydraulic fracture accounting for shear stress induced by the fluid
Daniel Peck, Michal Wrobel and Gennady Mishuris

Assessment of leak tightness for swellable packers under downhole conditions considering fluid-structure interaction
Yevgen Gorash, Alan Bickley and Francisco Gozalo

Modelling of hydro-fracking in rocks using coupled DEM/CFD approach
Marek Krzaczek, Jan Kozicki and Jacek Tejchman

XFEM modeling of multiple stage hydraulic fracture containment in multi-layered formations
Renato Gutierrez E., Cristian E. Mejia S., Deane Roehl and Celso Romanel

Studying the influence of heterogeneities on the KGD benchmark problem
Lorenzo Benedetti and Brice Lecampion