Monday, 11 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Recent advances in immersed boundary and fictitious domain methods I
Minisymposium organized by Ernst Rank, Alexander Düster, Jamshid Parvizian, Fehmi Cirak, John E. Dolbow, Thomas-Peter Fries, Isaac Harari, Mats G. Larson, Isabelle Ramiere, Martin Ruess and Dominik Schillinger
Room: Lomond Auditorium
Chair: Alexander Düster
CoChair: Ernst Rank
A cute finite element method with boundary value correction for modelling Kirchhoff plates
Erik Burman, Peter Hansbo and Mats G. Larson

High-order fictitious domain methods for thin structures
Gregory Legrain and Nicolas Moës

Development of methods for weak imposition of Dirichlet boundary conditions for fictitious finite element analysis
Kaizhou Lu, Charles Augarde and William M. Coombs

A new class of generalized finite element spaces for problems with immersed boundaries
Susanne Hoellbacher and Gabriel Wittum

Scalable iterative solvers for immersed finite element methods
Frits de Prenter, Clemens V. Verhoosel, Joseph Benzaken, John A. Evans and Harald van Brummelen

Large-scale simulations with unfitted finite element techniques
Francesc Verdugo, Santiago Badia and Alberto F. Martín