Wednesday, 13 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Computational Structural Stability I
Minisymposium organized by Herbert A. Mang and Yeong-Bin Yang
Room: Orkney CPH
Chair: Herbert Mang
CoChair: Yeong-Bin Yang
Aero-thermoelastic behavior of smart-skin structures in supersonic airflows
Seok-Hyeon Kang and Ji-Hwan Kim

Perturbation energy concept for stiffened shells using a mixed-hybrid finite element formulation
Simon Kern and Dieter Dinkler

Robust integration scheme for solving nonlinear dynamic problems with extremely large rotations
Yeong-Bin Yang, S. R. Kuo and J. D. Yau

Dynamic response of a two-axle asymmetric vehicle moving over bridges and applications
Bin Zhang and Yeong-Bin Yang

Invariance of mechanical quantities regarding eigenvector functions obtained from computational stability analysis of structures
Herbert A. Mang

Interface thermal behaviour of composite sections with the finite element method
Zheng Cui and Y.T. Feng