Tuesday, 12 June 2018    14:00 - 16:00
Multiphysics of fibrous materials I
Minisymposium organized by Catalin Picu, L.A.A. Beex, Jean-Francois Ganghoffer , Laurent Orgeas, Emanuela Bosco and Artem Kulachenko
Room: Gala 1
Chair: Alexander Ehret
CoChair: Artem Kulachanko
3D and 2.5D computational models of electrospun mats
Sebastian Domaschke, Manuel Zündel, Edoardo Mazza and Alexander E. Ehret

Mechanical behavior of random fiber networks with inter-fiber adhesion
Catalin R. Picu, Vineet Negi and Ahmed Sengab

Predicting the risk of failure of thin fiber networks – a stochastic multiscale approach
Rami Mansour and Artem Kulachenko

Multiscale modelling of planar fiber networks: current results for elasticity and strength of paper, and potential applications to related materials
Pedro Miguel J. S. Godinho, Marina Jajcinovic, Wolfgang Bauer and Christian Hellmich

Reducing the experimental efforts to identify material parameter distributions of discrete materials
Hussein Rappel, Lars A.A. Beex and Stephane P.A. Bordas

A multiscale methodology for simulation of mechanical properties of paper
Gustav Kettil, Axel Mĺlqvist, Andreas Mark, Fredrik Edelvik, Mats Fredlund and Kenneth Wester