Thursday, 14 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Advanced numerical methods for the modeling of coupled systems dynamics I
Minisymposium organized by Antoine Legay, Andreas Zilian, Martin Buchschmid and Jean-François Deü
Room: Staffa CPH
Chair: Andreas Zilian
CoChair: Jean-François Deü
A goal-oriented model reduction technique for parametric fluid-structure problems
Cédric Leblond, Mathilde Chevreuil, Cyrille Allery and Claudine Beghein

A robust particle–based solver for modeling heat transfer in multiphase flows
Mohamadreza Afrasiabi, Matthias Roethlin, Eleni Chatzi and Konrad Wegener

Topology optimization of elastomer damping devices for structural vibration reduction
Sylvain Burri, Antoine Legay and Jean-François Deü

Study of a vibroacoustic interior problem with viscoelastic sandwich structure using the asymptotic numerical method
Bertille Claude, Laëtitia Duigou, Grégory Girault and Jean-Marc Cadou

Thin wall optimal positioning in an acoustic cavity using Xfem and a gradient-enhanced metamodel
Antoine Legay and Luc Laurent