Tuesday, 12 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
A Unifying Methodology for Robust High Order CFD: Summation-by-Parts I
Minisymposium organized by Andrew Winters, David C. Del Rey Fernández, Gregor J. Gassner and Jason E. Hicken
Room: Barra CPH
Chair: Andrew Winters
CoChair: David Del Rey Fernandez
Entropy stable discontinuous Galerkin methods using arbitrary bases and quadratures
Jesse Chan

Will entropy stability lead to convergent numerical schemes?
Magnus Svärd

Cut hermite finite element methods and immersed boundary SBP methods for the wave equation
Gunilla Kreiss

GPU-accelerated entropy stable discontinuous Galerkin for the shallow water equations with wetting and drying
Niklas Wintermeyer, Andrew R. Winters, Gregor J. Gassner and Tim Warburton

A stable, high order accurate and efficient hybrid method for flow calculations in complex geometries
Oskar Ålund and Jan Nordström

An entropy stable 3D curvilinear discontinuous Galerkin spectral element method for the resistive MHD equations
Andrew R. Winters, Marvin Bohm, Gregor J. Gassner, Dominik Derigs and Florian Hindenlang