Wednesday, 13 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Model order reduction for multiscale problems in geo-engineering I
Minisymposium organized by Laura Iapichino, Harshit Bansal, Wilhelmus H. A. Schilders and Barry Koren
Room: Rockall CPH
Chair: Barry Koren
Model reduction based on the mapping from boundary values to quantities of interest
Peter Benner, Sara Grundel and Christian Himpe

Reduced basis method for hyperbolic systems with nonlinear boundary conditions
Mohammad Hossein Abbasi, Laura Iapichino, Sajad Naderi Lordejani, Wil H.A. Schilders and Nathan van de Wouw

Model order reduction for hyperbolic conservation laws
Roxana Crisovan and Rémi Abgrall

Model reduction for multiple transport phenomena with non-periodic boundary conditions
Philipp Schulze, Julius Reiss and Volker Mehrmann

Automated model order reduction via method of freezing
Harshit Bansal, Laura Iapichino, Stephan Rave, Wil Schilders and Nathan van de Wouw

Reduced-order model approximating the BGK equation based on proper orthogonal decomposition and optimal transportation
Florian Bernard, Angelo Iollo and Sébastien Riffaud