Monday, 11 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Computational Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures - A symposium in Memory of Nenad Bicanic I
Minisymposium organized by René de Borst, Herbert Mang and Guenther Meschke
Room: Boisdale 2
Chair: Rene de Borst
A numerical approach for simulating damage, healing and capillary flow in cementitious materials (Keynote Lecture)
Anthony D. Jefferson and Brubeck L. Freeman

Modeling alkali-silica-reaction in reinforced concrete structures combining kinetics and fracture mechanics
Libor Jendele, Karolina Hajkova, Vít Šmilauer and Jan Cervenka

Modelling the mechanical response of adobe components under uniaxial loadings
Tiziano Li Piani, Jaap Weerheijm, Lambertus Koene and Lambertus J. Sluys

Modeling temperature-driven moisture flow in porous media
Christoph Pohl and Jörg F. Unger

Mesoscale concrete modelling with combined concrete damage plasticity model and cohesive zone model under uniaxial tension and compression
Jiaming Wang, Andrey P. Jivkov, Dirk L. Engelberg and Qingming Li