Tuesday, 12 June 2018    14:00 - 16:00
Interfacial fluid flow simulation I
Minisymposium organized by Mostafa S. Shadloo and Mehmet Yildiz
Room: Carron 1
Chair: Mostafa S. Shadloo
CoChair: Jan Vimmr
Phase field models for capillary flows (Keynote Lecture)
Mohammad Dehsara, Hai Fu, Sinisa Dj. Mesarovic, Dusan P. Sekulic and Mikhail Krivilyov

Multi phase-field approach for anisotropic fracture in polycrystalline materials under thermomechanical loadings
Daniel Juhre and Zhengkun Liu

Acoustics simulation in the presence of moving interfaces in multiphase flows
Jonas Friedrich and Michael Schäfer

Coupling Stokes and level-set equations for capillary driven flows in fibrous media
Loic Chevalier, Julien Bruchon, Pierre-Jacques Liotier and Sylvain Drapier

A novel model for the lift force acting on a prolate spheroidal particle in an arbitrary non-uniform flow
Yan Cui, Jure Ravnik, Matjaž Hriberšek and Paul Steinmann

A ghost fluid method for the modeling of contact discontinuities in two-phase flow with capillary effects
Ronald A. Remmerswaal and Arthur E.P. Veldman