Thursday, 14 June 2018    08:30 - 10:30
Phase-field models for cracking in complex materials I
Minisymposium organized by Hüsnü Dal, Marc-Andre Keip and Charlotte Kuhn
Room: M4
Chair: Hüsnü Dal
CoChair: Marc Andre Keip
A modified Gurson-type plasticity model at finite strains: Formulation, numerical analysis and phase-field coupling (Keynote Lecture)
Fadi Aldakheel, Peter Wriggers and Christian Miehe

Modified phase field model for application to materials with anistropic fracture resistance
Christoph Schreiber, Charlotte Kuhn and Ralf Müller

A multiphase-field model for anisotropic brittle and ductile crack propagation in cast iron brake discs
Christoph Herrmann, Felix Schwab, Ephraim Schoof, Daniel Schneider and Britta Nestler

Variational phase-field formulation of non-linear ductile fracture
Maik Dittmann, Fadi Aldakheel, Jonathan Schulte, Peter Wriggers and Christian Hesch

A Phase-field model for ductile fracture in frictional materials
Daniel Kienle, Fadi Aldakheel and Marc-André Keip

A phase-field reliability method for modelling quasi-brittle fracture
Daniele Tartarini and René de Borst