Monday, 11 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Recent progress and trends in high-order CFD methods I
Minisymposium organized by Z.J. Wang, Chongam Kim, H.T. Huynh, Matania Ben-Artzi and Jean-Pierre Croisille
Room: Alsh 1
Chair: ZJ Wang
Investigation of adaptive time-step strategies for high-order accurate turbulent simulations (Keynote Lecture)
Gianmaria Noventa, Francesco C. Massa, Stefano Rebay, Alessandro Colombo, Francesco Bassi and Antonio Ghidoni

Collocation Time Stepping Methods via Flux Reconstruction Approach
H. T. Huynh

On numerical integrations of discontinuous Galerkin methods over high-order curved elements
Hojun You and Chongam Kim

Insights on the Coercivity of the ESFR methods for Elliptic Problems
Siva Nadarajah and Samuel Quaegebeur

A high-order solver for simulations of magnetohydrodynamics flows
Xiaoliang Zhang and Chunlei Liang

Optimized accelerated implicit-explicit schemes for high-order unstructured methods
Brian C. Vermeire and Siavash Hedayati Nasab