Wednesday, 13 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Multiscale computational homogenization for bridging scales in the mechanics and physics of complex materials II
Minisymposium organized by Julien Yvonnet, Kenjiro Terada, Peter Wriggers and Marc Geers
Room: Castle 2 CPH
Chair: Marc GEERS
Coupling crystal plasticity with structural mechanics for prediction of thermo-mechanical response in large scale structures (Keynote Lecture)
Xiang Zhang, Yan Liu and Caglar Oskay

Two-scale mechanism-based modeling of residual stresses in duplex steels
Thomas Böhlke, Hannes Erdle, Jens Gibmeier, Nicola Simon and Samuel Pulvermacher

Influence of microscopic boundary conditions on the effective response of MREs
Reza Zabihyan, Julia Mergheim, Jean-Paul Pelteret, Benjamin Brands and Paul Steinmann

FE2 fully coupled thermomechanical analysis of composite materials with nonlinear behavior
El-Hadi Tikarrouchine, George Chatzigeorgiou, Fodil Meraghni, Yves Chemisky and Nicolas Charalambakis

Computational modelling of closed cell metallic foams with microstructural morphological control
Arash Ghazi, Peter Berke, Karim Ehab Moustafa Kamel, Bernard Sonon, Carlos Tiago and Thierry J. Massart

Modelling of kinematic hardening of two phase elastic viscoplastic composite by the additive tangent interaction law : validation based on RVE Finite Element calculations
Sébastien Mercier, Christophe Czarnota and Katarzyna Kowalczyk-Gajewska