Monday, 11 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Computational modelling of damage and fracture II
Minisymposium organized by Leong Hien Poh, Ron Peerlings, Milan Jirásek and Anna Pandolfi
Room: Clyde Auditorium
Chair: Michael Kaliske
CoChair: Bram Vandoren
Stress-based gradient-enhanced damage models with transient length scale (Keynote Lecture)
Bram Vandoren and Angelo Simone

Three-dimensional explicit finite element formulation with embedded weak discontinuities for continuous shear band propagation via a global tracking strategy
Tao Jin, Hashem M. Mourad and Curt A. Bronkhorst

Localizing gradient damage model for mixed mode fracture of concrete
Leong H. Poh, Amit S. Shedbale, Gang Sun, Job Wijnen and Sachin Kumar

A micromechanical study of void nucleation mechanisms in aluminum alloys
Victor M. Trejo Navas, Ante Buljac, François Hild, Thilo F. Morgeneyer, Marc Bernacki and Pierre-Olivier Bouchard

Multiscale analysis of the effect of microvoids in the fracture behavior of fiber-reinforced composites
Sergio R. Turteltaub and Gijs de Jong