Tuesday, 12 June 2018    14:00 - 16:00
Recent advances in enriched finite and boundary element methods II
Minisymposium organized by Heiko Gimperlein, M. Shadi Mohamed and Omar Laghrouche
Room: Jura CPH
Chair: Shadi Mohamed
DE-FEM: a new enriched formulation for modeling weak and strong discontinuities (Keynote Lecture)
Alejandro M. Aragón, Jian Zhang, Sanne J. van den Boom, Elena De Lazzari, Dongyu Liu, Max van der Kolk, Matthijs Langelaar, Angelo Simone and Fred van Keulen

A partition of unity based isogeometric fem for acoustic scattering in 2D
Ganesh Diwan and Shadi Mohamed

DE-FEM for discontiuity junctions
Dongyu Liu, Jian Zhang, Alejandro M. Aragón and Angelo Simone

Enhanced BEM enrichment for wave scattering problems
Ben Gilvey, Jon Trevelyan and Gabriel Hattori

Bernstein - Bezier based finite elements for efficient solution of short wave problems
A. El Kacimi, Omar Laghrouche, M.S. Mohamed and Jon Trevelyan