Wednesday, 13 June 2018    08:30 - 10:30
Advanced modelling and optimization of straight-fibre and tow-steered composite structures II
Minisymposium organized by Anita Catapano, Marco Montemurro, Alfonso Pagani, Philip Bussetta, Nuno Correia and Philip Harrison
Room: Jura CPH
Chair: Philippe Bussetta
CoChair: Philip Harrison
Eigenvalue buckling analysis in Topology Optimization via a NURBS-framed algorithm
Giulio Costa, Marco Montemurro and Jérôme Pailhès

A novel design and optimisation tool for the composite quilted stratum process (QSP)
Terence Macquart, Francois-Xavier Irisarri, Denis Espinassou and Cedric Julien

Least-weight design of composite structures: an unconventional and general approach
Marco Montemurro, Michele I. Izzi, Jalal El-Yagoubi and Daniele Fanteria

Nonlinear global/local analysis of composite structures
Erasmo Carrera, Giacinto A. Fiordilino, Manish Nagaraj, Alfonso Pagani and Marco Petrolo

A discontinuous Galerkin formulation for variable angle tow composite plates higher-order theories
Vincenzo Gulizzi, Ivano Benedetti and Alberto Milazzo

Multi-scale hybrid strategy for material properties characterisation of composite structures with non-destructive tests
Lorenzo Cappelli, Marco Montemurro, Frédéric Dau and Laurent Guillaumat