Monday, 11 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Model reduction, big data and dynamic data-driven systems II
Minisymposium organized by Francisco Chinesta, Elias Cueto, Charbel Farhat, Matthew J. Zahr and Pierre Ladeveze
Room: Forth
Chair: Charbel Farhat
CoChair: Pierre Ladeveze
Model order reduction for physically-based augmented reality (Keynote Lecture)
Alberto Badias, David González, Iciar Alfaro, Francisco Chinesta and Elias Cueto

SoftFEM: the Soft Finite Element Method
Jose M. Peña, Antonio LaTorre and Antoine Jérusalem

Model updating of a historic railway bridge based on genetic algorithms
Jorge Leite, Diogo Ribeiro, Bruno Costa, Jorge Magalhães-Mendes and Rodrigo Martins

Model Order Reduction for nonlinear problems involving complex time-varying loadings
Pierre Ladeveze and David Neron

Towards a 3D magneto-mechanical software using hp-finite elements for MRI scanner design
Marcos Seoane, Paul D. Ledger, Antonio J. Gil, Michael Mallett, Serigio Zlotnik and Antonio Huerta

Machine learning enhanced scalable finite element simulation of head injury
Anna Schroder, Jose-Maria Peña and Antoine Jerusalem