Tuesday, 12 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Nonlocal Models and Methods for Material Failure and Damage Simulation II
Minisymposium organized by Adair R. Aguiar, Mahmoud Mousavi, Erkan Oterkus, Pablo Seleson, Paul Steinmann, Andrew McBride and Ali Javili
Room: Castle 3 CPH
Chair: Mahmoud Mousavi
Weak form of peridynamics for nonlocal essential and natural boundary conditions
Erdogan Madenci, Mehmet Dorduncu, Atila Barut and Nam Phan

Validation of a linearly elastic peridynamic material
Adair R. Aguiar and Alan B. Seitenfuss

First-principle based atomistic calculations and mesoscale modeling to investigate material failure
Xianfeng Ma, Bozhi Heng, Pablo Seleson and Stephanie TerMaath

Superelasticity in shape memory alloys via peridynamics
Adam Martowicz, Jakub Bryla, Wieslaw J. Staszewski and Massimo Ruzzene

Numerical simulation of dynamic crack growth using peridynamic theory
Ugur Yolum, Demirkan Coker and Mehmet A. Guler

Computational homogenization accounting for general imperfect interfaces
Saba Saeb, Paul Steinmann and Ali Javili