Thursday, 14 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Complex Fluid Flows in Engineering: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization II
Minisymposium organized by Marek Behr and Stefanie Elgeti
Room: Castle 2 CPH
Chair: Stefanie Elgeti
Numerical approximation of highly convective thermally coupled flows of non-Newtonian fluids using a VMS finite element formulation
Ernesto Castillo, Ramon Codina and Joan Baiges

Modeling of viscoelastic two-phase flows
Jagannath Venkatesan and Sashikumaar Ganesan

A discontinuous skeletal method for Bingham fluids
Karol L. Cascavita, Jérémy Bleyer, Xavier Chateau and Alexandre Ern

Influence of curved-shape magnets on the cooling performance of an axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine
Alireza Rasekh, Ahmed Hemeida, Hendrik Vansompel, Peter Sergeant and Jan Vierendeels

Fast Computation of a Smooth Yarn‘s Velocity in a Main Nozzle
Lucas Delcour, Jozef Peeters, Joris Degroote and Jan Vierendeels

Investigation of the gap vortex street in densely packed tube arrays in axial flow using CFD and experiments
Henri Dolfen, Fulvio Bertocchi, Martin Rohde, Jan Vierendeels and Joris Degroote