Monday, 11 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
HPC-Based simulations for the wide industrial realm: aerospace, automotive, bio, construction, heavy II
Minisymposium organized by Makoto Tsubokura, Mariano Vzquez, Takayuki Aoki and Andreas Lintermann
Room: M4
Chair: Andreas Lintermann
The IC engine combustion simulation using hierarchical Cartesian mesh framework
Wei-Hsiang Wang, Chung-Gung Li, Rahul Bale, Keiji Onishi and Makoto Tsubokura

Numerical modelling of an air-helium buoyant jet in two vented enclosure
Elie Saikali, Anne Sergent, Christian Tenaud and Gilles Bernard-Michel

Large-size Structural Computing by Local and Mixed Type Finite Elements
HyunShik Joo, Haeseong Cho and SangJoon Shin

Strong coupling scheme for thin-shell structure and fluid with implicit particle-in-cell method
Koji Nishiguchi, Rahul Bale, Shigenobu Okazawa and Makoto Tsubokura

An efficient solver for large-scale simulations of voxel-based structures using a nonlinear damage material model
Monika Stipsitz and Dieter H. Pahr

Efficient iterative solution of anisotropic and heterogeneous problems with applications to composite materials
Linus Seelinger, Anne Reinarz and Robert Scheichl