Wednesday, 13 June 2018    08:30 - 10:30
Computational modeling and experimental investigations of metallic materials across scales II
Minisymposium organized by Benjamin Klusemann and Franz Roters
Room: Boisdale 1
Chair: Katrin Schulz
Describing the material behaviour of a tailored formed joining zone of an aluminium-steel hybrid solid component on a microscopic length scale (Keynote Lecture)
Martina Baldrich, Stefan Loehnert and Peter Wriggers

Investigation of texture evolution during rolling process of non-oriented Si based electrical steels with 2D and 3D RVEs
Aditya Vuppala, Xuefei Wei, Stephan Hojda, Marco Teller and Gerhard Hirt

Derivation of effective flow curves of ferrite/pearlite C60 steel wires by a multiscale approach
Gottfried M. Laschet, Viktor Kripak, Jens Dierdorf, Frank Hoffmann and Ulrich Prahl

Coupled experimental-computational analysis of plasticity and fracture in aluminum at the grain scale
Martin Diehl, Marcel Wicke, Pratheek Shanthraj, Franz Roters, Angelika Brueckner-Foit and Dierk Raabe

Multi-scale analysis of martensitic transformations in TRIP-assisted multi-phase alloys
Daniel de Bortoli, Miguel Vieira de Carvalho and Francisco M. Andrade Pires

The effect of 3D grain Morphologies on the formability of aluminum alloys
Kaan Inal, Juergen Hirsch and Raja K. Mishra