Wednesday, 13 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Non-newtonian fluid flows: numerical methods and applications II
Minisymposium organized by Monica S. N. Oliveira, Robert J. Poole, Manuel A. Alves, Nigel Mottram, Markus Rütten and Olaf Wünsch
Room: Gala 1
Chair: R Poole
CoChair: M Lappa
A numerical technique for solving the Oldroyd-B model for the whole range of viscosity ratios (Keynote Lecture)
Caroline Viezel, Murilo F. Tomé, Fernando T. Pinho and Sean McKee

The influence of rheological modeling on viscous heating in extruder flows
Stefan Descher and Olaf Wünsch

Heat transfer dependent orifice jet flow of a thermo-viscous shear-thinning fluid
Markus Rütten

Stabilisation of the purely-elastic instabilities in cross-slot geometries using surface tension
Mahdi Davoodi and Robert J. Poole

Streak instability in viscoelastic Couette flow
Luca Biancofiore, Luca Brandt and Tamer A. Zaki

CFD of a Herschel-Bulkley fluid in turbulent flow within a circular pipe
Dhruv Mehta, Adithya K. Thota Radhakrishnan, Jules B. van Lier and Francois H.L.R. Clemens