Monday, 11 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Fluid Flow Simulations and Models II
Minisymposium organized by Olivier P. Le Maitre, Pietro M. Congedo, Omar M. Knio and Gianluca C. Iaccarino
Room: Barra CPH
Chair: O. Le Maitre
Bayesian calibration of dense gas flow models using Kalman filters
Xavier Merle and Paola Cinnella

Semi-intrusive minimising residual method for uncertainty propagation in fluid dynamics
Yous Halder van and Benjamin Sanderse

Surrogate-based parameter inference in debris flow model
Maria Navarro, Olivier P, Le Maître, Ibrahim Hoteit, David L. George, Kyle T. Mandly and Omar M. Knio

Robust Optimization of a Supersonic ORC Turbine Cascade: a Quantile-based Approach
Nassim Razaaly, Giacomo Persico, Giulio Gori and Pietro M. Congedo

A robust experiment design for the investigation of non-ideal compressible-fluid flow effects
Marta Zocca, Giulio Gori, Olivier Le Maitre, Pietro M. Congedo and Alberto Guardone

Combining EnKF and multi-resolution analysis for efficient assimilation into adaptive-Mesh models
Adil Siripatana, Loïc Giraldi, Olivier Le Maître, Omar Knio and Ibrahim Hoteit