Thursday, 14 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Phase-field models for cracking in complex materials II
Minisymposium organized by Hüsnü Dal, Marc-Andre Keip and Charlotte Kuhn
Room: M4
Chair: Charlotte Kuhn
CoChair: Hüsnü Dal
Topology optimization for maximizing the fracture resistance of quasi-brittle composites (Keynote Lecture)
Julien Yvonnet, Daicong Da, Liang Xia and Guangyao Li

Rate-dependent phase-field fracture modeling of rubbers
Pascal J. Loew, Bernhard Peters and Lars A. A. Beex

A rate-dependent phase field approach for the failure of rubberlike materials
Funda Aksu Denli and Dal Hüsnü

A phase-field model for crack propagation in fibre-reinforced polymers
Felix Schwab, Christoph Herrmann, Ephraim Schoof, Daniel Schneider and Britta Nestler

Simulation of anisotropic fracture within composite materials by a Phase-Field Method
Bo Yin and Michael Kaliske