Monday, 11 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Multifidelity Uncertainty Quantification Strategies for Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications II
Minisymposium organized by Gianluca Geraci, Michael S. Eldred and Gianluca Iaccarino
Room: Shuna CPH
Chair: Gianluca Geraci
CoChair: Michael S. Eldred
Multilevel-multifidelity approaches for uncertainty quantification in computational fluid dynamics applications
Michael S. Eldred, Gianluca Geraci, Alex A. Gorodetsky, Xun Huan, Cosmin Safta, John D. Jakeman and Habib N. Najm

Reliability-based design optimization of a supersonic nozzle
Richard W. Fenrich, Victorien Menier, Philip Avery and Juan J. Alonso

Multifidelity optimization under uncertainty for a scramjet inspired problem
Friedrich M. Menhorn, Gianluca Geraci, Michael S. Eldred and Youssef M. Marzouk

Latent variable networks for multifidelity uncertainty quantification and data fusion
Alex A. Gorodetsky, Gianluca Geraci, Michael S. Eldred and John D. Jakeman

Bayesian Assessment of Phenomenological Viscosity Relations for Computational Models of Turbidity Currents
Fernando A. Rochinha, Gabriel M. Guerra, Souleymane Zio, Henrique Costa and Alvaro L. G. A. Coutinho