Thursday, 14 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
New challenges on computational contact mechanics and interface models III
Minisymposium organized by Alfredo Gay Neto, Alexander Popp, Ajay Banga Harish, Peter Wriggers and Evgeny Petrov
Room: Lomond Auditorium
Chair: Alfredo Gay Neto
CoChair: Elsa Piollet
Multi-field modeling of thermomechanical fracture and contact problems (Keynote Lecture)
Melanie Krüger, Felix Schmidt, Maik Dittmann and Christian Hesch

Frictional contact and wear along virtual interfaces
Basava R. Akula, Julien Vignollet and Vladislav A. Yastrebov

Fractal surfaces in adhesive wear processes
Enrico Milanese, Tobias Brink, Ramin Aghababaei and Jean-François Molinari

An efficient hybrid approach to gear contact simulation in multibody systems leveraging reduced order models
Tommaso Tamarozzi, Pavel Jiranek, Ali Rezayat and Shadi Shweiki

Homogenization of the contact coupling equations within an iterative, steady-state algorithm for the numerical simulation of metal forming processes
Shitij Arora and Lionel Fourment