Wednesday, 13 June 2018    08:30 - 10:30
Nonlocal Models and Methods for Material Failure and Damage Simulation III
Minisymposium organized by Adair R. Aguiar, Mahmoud Mousavi, Erkan Oterkus, Pablo Seleson, Paul Steinmann, Andrew McBride and Ali Javili
Room: Castle 3 CPH
Chair: Andrew McBride
A displacement-based gradient-enhanced damage model with transient length scale
Jafar Amani, Rudy Geelen, Antonio Rodriguez-Ferran, Bram Vandoren, John E. Dolbow and Angelo Simone

Nonlocal approaches to ductile failure
Erfan Azinpour and Jose Cesar de Sa

Torsional vibration of size-dependent viscoelastic rods using nonlocal strain and velocity gradient theory
Sami EL-Borgi, Prakash Rajendran, Michael I. Friswell, Mohamed Trabelssi and J.N. Reddy

New mixed and penalty finite element formulations for strain-gradient models
Stefanos-Aldo Papanicolopulos, Fahad Gulib and Aikaterini Marinelli

Implementation of a gradient-enhanced damage model -a heat equation-based framework
Richard Ostwald, Ellen Kuhl and Andreas Menzel

A non-local constitutive model of blood
Corina S. Drapaca