Friday, 15 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Advances in numerical methods for linear and non-linear dynamics and wave propagation III
Minisymposium organized by Alexander Idesman
Room: Dochart 1
Chair: Alexander Idesman
Reciprocal mass matrices and feasible time step estimates for explicit dynamics (Keynote Lecture)
Manfred Bischoff, Anne-Kathrin Schaeuble and Anton Tkachuk

Transition radiation in an infinite beam supported by a locally inhomogeneous and non-linear Winkler foundation
Andrei B. Faragau and Karel N. van Dalen

Numerical simulations of Lamb waves for optimization of sensor placement in SHM system
Pawel Kudela, Rohan Soman, Pawel Malinowski and Wieslaw Ostachowicz

Integration schemes for the transient dynamic response of nonlinear cable structures
Zeljan Lozina, Damir Sedlar and Andjela Bartulovic

Dynamic analysis of a rotating space tubular extendable boom with tip load using one-dimensional unified formulation
Yi Hu, Yong Zhao, Lanmin Li and Zhouhui Tuo

Force method development in structural mechanics for the nonlinear tasks. FEM hybrid models
Vladimir A. Meleshko and Yuri L. Rutman