Thursday, 14 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Computational mechanics of wood, wood-based products and timber structures III
Minisymposium organized by Josef Füssl, Josef Eberhardsteiner, Erik Serrano and Michael Kaliske
Room: Castle 1 CPH
Chair: Michael Kaliske
CoChair: Markus Lukacevic
Numerical modelling of the rope effect in laterally loaded dowel-type connections
Thomas K. Bader and Michael Schweigler

Analysis of single dowel type connection using cohesive zone modelling
Katarzyna Ostapska-Luczkowska and Kjell A. Malo

Numerical and experimental stiffness determination of axially loaded wood screws
Christian Betram, Yvonne Steige and Matthias Frese

Numerical analysis of a truss system using beech LVL and axially loaded screws
Valentin Müller, Matthias Frese and Yvonne Steige

Design of a long span Belfast truss using UK home-grown timber
Dale Johnstone, Robert Hairstans and Andrew Livingstone

Numerical modelling and experimentation of historical carpentry corner log joints
Anna Pestka, Katarzyna Szepietowska, Paweł Kłosowski, Marcin Krajewski and Izabela Lubowiecka