Thursday, 14 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Phase-field models for cracking in complex materials III
Minisymposium organized by Hüsnü Dal, Marc-Andre Keip and Charlotte Kuhn
Room: M4
Chair: Marc Andre Keip
CoChair: Charlotte Kuhn
Nonsmooth multigrid methods for phasefield fracture formation problems
Oliver Sander, Carsten Gräser and Daniel Kienle

Truncated nonsmooth Newton multigrid for nonsmooth minimization problems
Carsten Gräser, Oliver Sander and Daniel Kienle

Phase-field modelling of interface failure in brittle materials
Arne C. Hansen-Dörr, Paul Hennig, Markus Kästner and René de Borst

Modelling damage and fracture in gradient-extended anisotropic brittle solids using a second-order damage tensor
Stephan Wulfinghoff, Marek Fassin, Lukas Poggenpohl and Stefanie Reese

A virtual element method for phase field modeling of brittle fracture
Bla˛ Hudobivnik, Fadi Aldakheel and Peter Wriggers

Dynamic crack propagation and crack tip shielding in porous materials analyzed by the phase field method for fracture
Jenny Carlsson and Per Isaksson

A new approach for modeling the normal and tangential contact in phase field cracks
Jannik Voges and Daniel Juhre