Tuesday, 12 June 2018    14:00 - 16:00
HPC-Based simulations for the wide industrial realm: aerospace, automotive, bio, construction, heavy IV
Minisymposium organized by Makoto Tsubokura, Mariano Vzquez, Takayuki Aoki and Andreas Lintermann
Room: M4
Chair: Akiyoshi Iida
Massively-parallel multi-GPU simulations for fast and accurate automotive aerodynamics
Christoph A. Niedermeier, Christian F. Janen and Thomas Indinger

Aerodynamics study for complex bodies by using locally refined mesh and Lattice Boltzmann method
Yuta Hasegawa and Takayuki Aoki

High performance parallel computing of full vehicle aerodynamics simulation including pre- and post-processing
Keiji Onishi, Niclas Jansson and Makoto Tsubokura

Application of LES based on BCM to wind engineering
Tetsuro Tamura, Hidenori Kawai, Duong Dung, Yong Cao, Keiji Onishi, Rahul Bale and Makoto Tsubokura

Automated pathway for assessing flow dynamic in urban area
Jeannette Sphler, Niclas Jansson and Johan Hoffman

Boundary fitted low dissipation large-eddy simulation for complex terrain wind resource assessment
Herbert Owen, Oriol Lehmkuhl, Georgios Chrysokentis, Matias Avila and Arnau Folch