Thursday, 14 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Advanced Computational Modeling of Batteries IV
Minisymposium organized by Edwin Knobbe, Wolfgang A. Wall and Vivian Tini
Room: Forth
Chair: Edwin Knobbe
CoChair: Vivian Tini
A computational fluid dynamics model of a 21700 cylindrical lithium ion battery cell with solid-electrolyte interphase growth
Bostjan Hari, Andrew McGordon and Dhammika Widanage

Modelling detailed chemistry in lithium-ion batteries: Insight into performance, ageing and safety
Christian Kupper and Wolfgang G. Bessler

Revealing multiscale interaction in batteries by direct coupling of KMC and continuum models
Fridolin Röder and Ulrike Krewer

State estimation of Lithium-Ion batteries in aerospace
Linda J. Bolay, Birger Horstmann and Arnulf Latz

Using a single particle model including degradation for optimal control of lithium-ion batteries
Jorn M. Reniers, Grietus Mulder, Sina Ober-Blobaum and David A. Howey

Toward a hybrid twin paradigm for battery management system
Abel Sancarlos, Kunal Jain, Emmanuelle Abisset-Chavanne, David Gonzalez, Elias Cueto and Francisco Chinesta

Parameterisation of the Single Particle Model for Lithium-ion Cells
David A. Howey, Adrien M. Bizeray, Jin-Ho Kim and Stephen R. Duncan