Tuesday, 12 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Recent advances in immersed boundary and fictitious domain methods V
Minisymposium organized by Ernst Rank, Alexander Düster, Jamshid Parvizian, Fehmi Cirak, John E. Dolbow, Thomas-Peter Fries, Isaac Harari, Mats G. Larson, Isabelle Ramiere, Martin Ruess and Dominik Schillinger
Room: Lomond Auditorium
Chair: Peter Hansbo
CoChair: Ernst Rank
Embedded shell finite elements: Solid-shell interaction, surface locking and integration into seamless imaging-through-analysis workflows
Dominik Schillinger, Tarun Gangwar, Anvar Gilmanov and Henry K. Stolarski

Immersed B-spline finite elements for parametric solids
Eky V. Febrianto and Fehmi Cirak

Structural optimization using CutFEM
Daniel Elfverson, Erik Burman, Peter Hansbo, Mats Larson and Karl Larsson

Shape sensitivity analysis in the Cartesian grid finite element method (cgFEM)
Onofre Marco, Juan J. Ródenas, Francisco Javier Fuenmayor, Enrique Nadal and Manuel Tur

Accurate discretization of diffusion in the LS-STAG cut-cell method using diamond cell techniques
Brice Portelenelle, Olivier Botella and Yoann Cheny

Extension of the LS-STAG method for simulating two-phase non-Newtonian fluid-air flows
Yoann Cheny, Olivier Botella and Yessen Shakirov