Tuesday, 12 June 2018    16:30 - 18:30
Innovative methods for fluid-structure interaction V
Minisymposium organized by E. Harald van Brummelen, T. Kvamsdal and R. Ohayon
Room: Castle 1 CPH
Chair: Trond Kvamsdal
CoChair: Roger Ohayon
Comparison of single-solver FSI techniques for the FE-prediction of a blow-off pressure for an elastomeric seal
Niall Morrison, Yevgen Gorash and Robert Hamilton

A quasi-simultaneous coupling approach for fluid-solid interaction in offshore applications
Henk Seubers, Matin Hosseini, Peter van der Plas, Arthur E.P. Veldman, Peter R. Wellens and Rene H.M. Huijsmans

Numerical study of flows around a ship hull including elastic deformation effect using a mode function
Kunihide Ohashi

Aeroelastic analysis of highly flexible wings: a comparison of high and low fidelity structural models
Bryn M. Jones, Peter D. Dunning and Alireza Maheri

Geometrically nonlinear aeroelastic response of horizontal axis wind turbines under rotationally sampled turbulence
Aditya Sabale and Nagendra Gopal Kondagunta

Generalized beam models analysis for aeroelastic morphing applications
Luca Cirrottola, Marco Morandini and Giuseppe Quaranta