Monday, 11 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
STS0: Opening Session & STS4: New Aircraft Configurations
Room: Etive
Chair: J.Periaux and Li Huixi
CoChair: G. Bugeda and Fred Yunhao Yin
The future of CH-EU S&T cooperation and the potential topics of flight physics
Yunhao Yin

China-Europe cooperation in Aeronautical Research: ten years on, and new challenges to face
Pedr Díez, Jordi Pons-Prats, Gabriel Bugeda, Jacques Périaux and Eugenio Oñate

International Collaboration platform in Aeronautics; the EU-CH platform and INNOVATE project
Sara Gutilla, Jordi Pons-Prats and Liang LV

Overcoming interference wave drag on Strut-Braced Wing for future civil air transport at transconic speeds
Ning Qin

Preliminary Design of Strut Braced Wing Aircraft and Aerodynamic Optimization on the Junction Geometry
Runze Li, Yufei Zhang and Haixin Chen

Numerical Investigation of shock wave propagation in ducts with grooves
Mehdi Mortazawy, Konstantinos Kontis and John Ekaterinaris

Low Drag and Sonic Boom Aerodynamic Layout Design Technique Study for a Supersonic Business Jet
Wenqi Zhang