Friday, 15 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Advanced variational discretizations for simulations of complex systems in complex geometry II
Minisymposium organized by Guglielmo Scovazzi, Antonio J. Gil and Mario Ricchiuto
Room: M3
Chair: Guglielmo Scovazzi
CFD embedded methods for computational wind engineering
Riccardo Rossi, Ruben Zorrilla, Roland Wuechner, Antonia Larese and Cecilia Soriano

A high order hybrid mimetic discretization on curvilinear quadrilateral meshes for complex geometries
Yi Zhang, Varun Jain, Artur Palha and Marc Gerritsma

Coupled FEM-DEM Methods for Modeling Variably Saturated Granular Media
Chris Kees, Manuel Quezada de Luna, Yong Yang, Milad Rakhsha, Leo Nouveau and Guglielmo Scovazzi