Tuesday, 12 June 2018    11:00 - 13:00
Contributed session on Fluid Dynamics I
Room: Malin CPH
Chair: Angela Busse
IceANS tool: Ice Accretion Numerical Simulation. Code description
Marta Cordero-Gracia, Mariola Gómez and Andrés Mateo

IceANS tool: Ice Accretion Numerical Simulation. Computational Strategies
Mariola Gómez, Andrés Mateo and Marta Cordero-Gracia

Ice Accretion and Shape Modelling
Andrés Mateo, Marta Cordero-Gracia and Mariola Gómez

Multi-layer stochastic ice accretion modelling with continuous geometry representation
Simon Bourgault-Côté and Éric Laurendeau

Numerical simulation of shock wave propagation in ducts with grooves
Mehdi Mortazawy, Konstantinos Kontis and John Ekaterinaris

Transitional shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions with side-wall effects
David Lusher, Satya P. Jammy and Neil D. Sandham