Tuesday, 12 June 2018    14:00 - 16:00
Contributed session on Fluid Dynamics II
Room: Malin CPH
Chair: René Steijl
Investigating unsteady flow physics using an improved finite volume scheme
David Dodoo-Amoo, Julio Mendez, Dehua Feng, Michael Atkinson and Frederick Ferguson

Extending characteristic ghost-cell boundary condition to unstructured grid
Yidao Dong, Xiaogang Deng and Guangxue Wang

Adaptation of 2d unstructured mesh based on solution gradients
Vijay Ram Raghuraman, Santanu Ghosh, Shashank Subramanian and Deepak Kandasamy

CFD analysis of pressure drops within riffled pipes of vertical ground heat exchanger
Andrzej J. Nowak, Jacek Smolka, Michal Palacz, Michal Haida and Jeremi Wos

Numerical and experimental study of fluid flow in simplified blade cascade
Ondřej Bublík, Jan Vimmr, Aleš Pecka and Luděk Pešek

The development and applications of the computation fluid dynamics with immersed boundary method for wind engineering in urban
Tzu-I Tseng, Fang-An Kuo and Jia-Kun Chen